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There’s always a reason why we are being attracted by a particular stone. Seemingly indistinguishable from others it makes us feel much more comfortable. Stones which are especially attractive to us may be toning with our current state of subtle energetic balance.


Stones on the other hand which repel us instinctively resonate with these fields of energy that we currently aren’t coping with. Though sometimes it might be their energy precisely which our bodies will need to achieve balance.


Being in harmony with a crystal we often experience resonance. It is the stone giving us an impression of wholeness and plentitude. Its subtle influence on our physical body and all of our subtle bodies may be very complex. But usually it just heads towards the restitution of balance.


The oldest written texts containing detailed instructions on healing by using stones come from ancient Egypt. We find similar sources in the ayurvedic and tantric schools which know the healing potentials of stones connected to their crystalline structure as well as kept and emitted energy since ages.


This is the place where I present you supreme specimen of natural crystals and wonderfully cut minerals of strong healing properties. 

Sometimes, particularly to individual order I enhance their impact by adding special chosen symbols, mantras or spells, creating powerful amulets this way - contact me in this matter.